Positive Ventures announces $25M venture fund

Positive Ventures Team

Positive Ventures announced a $25M impact fund to invest in early-stage ClimateTech, EdTech, HealthTech, MedTech, and Fintech startups based in Latin America.

The firm expects to partner with up to 25 startups with tickets of $250K in pre-seed rounds and $600K in seed rounds. They will also explore minority stake opportunities.

“We want to team up as early as possible to develop a nice acumen, business-wise and impact-wise, and be super founder-centered,” said the fund’s partner and chairman, Fábio Kestenbaum.

Positive Ventures has offices in Brazil and San Francisco and has tripled its assets under management in the last two years—the firm plans to focus its strategy on climate investing.

“We’re going to double down on climate investing, AI, and all the nature-based solutions since LatAm has become the world’s hotspot for nature-based solutions and carbon. We really want to be first movers here,” also said Kestenbaum.

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