Prex partners with Allaria to launch a high-yield savings account in Argentina

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Prex partnered with Allaria to introduce a high-yield savings account in Argentina. The product allows customers to receive daily returns on their savings with an estimated 83% annual yield. The primary goal of this collaboration is to democratize access to top financial products and services across Latin America.

“We continue strengthening our value proposition by providing our customers with solutions that help them deal with major issues like the high inflationary context,” said Prex’s Country Manager for Argentina, Daniel Conte.

Prex’s digital account and prepaid Mastercard enable users to make purchases and payments, access credit options, and exchange currency. Allaria is a financial advisor and investment services provider with +50 years in the Argentinian finance market. 

The partnership has already shown results, with over half of Prex’s Argentina users having activated their accounts.

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