Qualcomm, MercadoLibre, Confrapar, & FJ Labs invest in Brazil’s Ingresse

Ingresse is a Brazilian social ticketing company that helps people access concerts, events, and performances across Brazil. The app stands out, since it allows anyone to organize an event through its ticketing system. Users can also see which events their friends will be attending. The app aims to help people find the right event and get in.

LAVCA reports that Ingresse recently raised a US$6.2M (R$20M) round, led by Qualcomm, MercadoLibre, Confrapar, and FJ Labs, which will allow them to pursue acquisitions of other competitors. This investment constitutes Ingresse’s fourth round since they passed through the 500 Startups accelerator in 2012.

In February 2018, Ingresse made good on its plans to acquire competitors by completing a merger with ticketing platform Total Access.

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