Rappi, iFood, and UberEats announce support initiatives during COVID-19 pandemic

LatAm ListRappi, the Colombian food delivery startup, iFood, its Brazilian counterpart, and UberEats recently announced measures to help hospital workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rappi will be delivering free meals to doctors in the Latin American countries where it operates. To receive one of the 500,000 free meals, hospital staff need to send an email to [email protected] for more information on how to sign up.

iFood launched a fund to help support its independent delivery partners who are unable to work due to the illness. The company also pledged $9.7M (R$50M) to support small restaurants that may be struggling due to the effects of social distancing and the quarantine on the food industry.

Both delivery startups have seen a sharp increase in demand, citing quarantine as the reason.

Similarly, UberEats in Latin America is offering users free deliveries for orders from small or medium restaurants, and allowing restaurant owners to receive daily payments to help ensure constant revenue for the more vulnerable retailers.

“We want to support the thousands of partner restaurants, particularly small and medium-sized independent companies, users who trust our platform to receive food safely, and delivery partners who rely on UberEat app to generate income,” commented Eduardo Donnelly, regional General Director of UberEats Latin America.

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