Rappi launches a debit card with Visa

LatAm List – As Rappi continues to expand throughout Latin America, the Colombian company wants to provide its users with more delivery options. The Rappi app, which recently received $1B from Softbank, is on its way to becoming what Kristen Hager, the Director of the Alliances with Rappi brands, refers to as a “super app.”

Facilitating this shift is Rappi’s recent partnership with the global payment platform, VISA. Rappi users have been able to use RappiPay for a few months now, but the addition of a Rappi debit card will undoubtedly open new doors.

As Rappi becomes a commercial application that can provide numerous services to customers, including financial services, the company is democratizing its availability and adjusting their market.

“We can go from where we were when we launched, which were areas with people with little time but more money, to be an app that is for all kinds of consumers. We can resolve user pain points with our services,” said Hager as quoted in Expansión.

RappiPay, which was first launched in Mexico in early 2019, has processed over three million payments throughout the country. The success of RappiPay provides reason for optimism with Rappi and VISA’s new partnership.  

Find out more in Expansión’s original article.

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