Rappi partners with Adsmovil and enters the Digital Advertising market

LatAm ListRappi announced a partnership with Adsmovil to create Click2Rappi, a technology that redirects people to Rappi’s check-out point after clicking on one of their ads. This alliance seeks to develop the first last-mile digital advertising market in Latin America.

“We predict that advertisers will invest more than $300B in digital advertising in 2019, and we intend to be part of that number,” assured Sebastián Mejía, Rappi’s co founder and President.

The goal is to increase ease and convenience for Rappi users by reducing consumer journey. With one click, consumers can purchase a product without ever having to download the Rappi app or search for the product manually.

Rappitenderos, a term used to refer to the startup’s couriers, and Rappi-allied establishments are connected to Click2Rappi technology allowing for both ends to receive an updated inventory on product availability.

Ads will only be shown where the product is available and delivery is in range.

Read more on La Nota Económica.

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