Rappi partners with Sanofi to offer healthcare services

LatAm List –  Rappi, a Latin American on-demand delivery startup that recently reached unicorn valuation, has diversified its services. The company is partnering with French bio-pharmaceutical giant Sanofi to offer healthcare services in Latin America.

Initially, Sanofi will use Rappi’s app to market and promote its brands and products. Eventually the partnership will expand to offer subscriptions for prescription medications, real-time interaction with medical providers, and at-home visits by doctors.

Data on clients’ purchase history could be used to fine-tune sales and marketing strategies in companies like Sanofi, according Rappi’s commercial director Juan Sebastian Ruales.

“It’s not what people say they do, it’s what they put in the basket,” he said. “If you say you are a fit person but then get a lot of hamburgers from Rappi, we know you’re not that fit.”

This partnership, which is expected to launch in April, is the stepping stone for Rappi to offer a more massive range of products and to follow the model used by China’s Tencent to provide all-in-one mobile services through their app.

“We want to become the go-to option for digital healthcare in Latin America,” he said. “We deliver hamburgers, we deliver nail polish, now we’ll be able to deliver doctors.”

Read more on Bloomberg.

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