Retorna raises $1.2M

Atilana Piñón, Retorna

Chilean fintech Retorna secured $1.2M in a round led by Impacta VC, with participation from Amplifica, Morro Ventures, and Colectivo Jaguara.

With the funds, Retorna will grow its client base. This marks the fintech’s first investment round, having operated solely through bootstrapping until now.

Atilana Piñon, a Venezuelan who fled to Chile, co-founded Retorna with Juan Camilo Mora to address the struggles faced by Venezuelan migrants. Retorna’s app facilitates remittance transfers to Venezuela from Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

“We created Retorna to support the large Venezuelan diaspora. For them, sending money home is a constant need, making Retorna a powerful ally,” said Atilana Piñón, Retorna´s CEO and Co-founder.

Founded in 2018, Retorna serves over 35,000 users. Since its founding, it has processed over $25M in remittances and completed over 1.4M transactions.

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