Route optimization startup Pathfind raises $1.8M

LatamListPathfind, a tech company that provides optimization solutions in the distribution of charges, raised a $1.8M (R$10M) investment. 

The investment will help the company maintain the accelerated growth pace imposed by the e-commerce boom.

“We anticipate this operation due to an increase in demand beyond our expectations and the increasingly positive outlook for the business,” explained Antonio Wrobleski, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pathfind.

A recent ABComm survey recorded a 400% increase in the number of establishments that launched electronic commerce. Brazilian e-commerce had a jump in operations in the first half and should accumulate growth of 18% by the end of the year compared to 2019. 

“If the prospects for e-commerce and logistics are fulfilled as indicated by all indicators, we project growth of 500% at the end of 2021, with revenue of up to $7.4M (R$40M),” he added.

Pathfind’s technology delivers a simple and efficient solution for the user, currently serving more than 300 customers, including companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, DHL, FedEx and Heineken. The software plans about 42K routes and runs more than 60M km per month, performing an average of 100K deliveries per day across the country.

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