Salvy raises $1.9M in a seed extension round

Brazilian telecom startup Salvy raised $1.9M in a seed extension round. Pioneer and Dropbox Co-Founder Arash Ferdowsi participated.

Salvy will use the funds to grow its development team, acquire new clients, and enhance its platform to tackle other IT issues from companies.

“We understood that we need to be a comprehensive IT platform. The same lack of transparency also exists along the whole infrastructure. If we manage to integrate this, the client will be able to triangulate more information,” said Artur Negrão, Salvy’s Co-Founder and CEO.

Salvy offers mobile data and phone plans, along with a management platform that enables companies to control phone contracts from different operators and manage employees’ data and usage.

Founded in 2022, Salvy aims to break even next year. Its client base includes companies like The Coffee, RD Station, Grupo Wiser, and Hunter Douglas.

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