Scotiabank invests in second fintech fund alongside QED Investors

LatAm List – Scotiabank recently deepened its partnership with QED Investors, a US-based venture capital firm that backs data-driven businesses. They agreed to open a second fund, QED LatAm Fund II, to continue investing in innovative fintech startups across the region.

Over the past two years, Scotiabank and QED have been investing in high-impact Latin American fintechs, including Nubank, Guiabolso, Coru, Konfio, Creditas, Tienda Pago, Credijusto, Xerpa, and Zinobe. These investments not only support the region, but they help Scotiabank learn how to make their own services more efficient and customer-centric.

“With QED’s proven track record in identifying and growing FinTechs, we remain uniquely positioned to partner with the best emerging FinTechs in Latin America,” said Ignacio Deschamps, Group Head of International Banking and Digital Transformation at Scotiabank.

This partnership has been a part of a strategy by Scotiabank to become the digital banking leader in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Colombia.

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