SCUTI partners with Colombian Ignicion Games

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SCUTI announced its partnership with Ignicion Games, a Colombian game development company.

SCUTI’s gaming marketplace enables players to earn rewards as they play their favorite games and use the rewards to make in-game purchases. The marketplace seamlessly integrates into the game’s lobby, offering a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

Ignicion partnered with SCUTI to integrate its marketplace into the lobbies of three games: Kato Revenge, Truck Driver, and Animal Fury. This partnership provides a tailored shopping experience for players while improving player attraction, retention, and monetization for Ignicion.

Moreover, the partnership is expected to increase the value of Ignicion’s game titles, helping them generate more revenue and grow faster in the competitive gaming industry. With a hybrid monetization approach, Ignicion can expand its income sources.

With Scuti’s powerful technology, Ignicion’s titles can offer its players a rich, personalized shopping experience across all its games.

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