Seedstars and prepare 10 Colombian startups for expansion into Peru and Mexico

LatAm List – Between November 11th and 16th, ten Colombian startups will take part in and International Expansion Program led by and Seedstars in Mexico and Peru. The trip is an exploratory mission for the companies to begin their international expansion.

The program is a government initiative from the  Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (MINTIC) that promotes the development and strengthening of digital startups in emerging markets. 

The participating startups offer a wide range of services from B2B to B2C including fintechs, payment processing, as well as trip planning. The common denominator is that they have a core digital component.

Nine of these startups InteliBPO, Rebus, KAWAK, Taxia Life, Instrumentalia, Sistema Saberes, IGLUW,, y Lookapp will be in Mexico, while IMIX will be travelling to Peru.

The purpose of the trip is to get familiar with the ecosystem by visiting accelerators, incubators, and interacting with key players in the ecosystem. They will also connect with other Colombian startups that have already expanded into Mexico and Peru and learn from their experiences. Each startup will also have meetings with clients and potential partners. 

Read more on Seedstars’ press release.

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