Sequoia Capital welcomes Latin American startups to its 2022 Arc program

Sequoia Capital, the venture fund that backed companies like Apple and Google, announced that it opened applications for its Arc program. This time, Latin American startups are invited to apply.

According to Sequoia, ARC is a “catalyst for outlier founders”.  Its first batch selected European companies, and this edition is aimed at startups in the Americas. Applications close on July 22nd, and all selected startups will receive a $1M investment. The program consists of a seven-week mentorship where founders will learn to start, build and scale enduring companies.

Startups that apply should be in their seed stage: founders must be actively working on their ideas, products, and company. This program goes in line with the firm’s concept of “Company Design”:

 “(It) is the Sequoia way to start, build and scale enduring companies. It is an ongoing process rooted in evergreen foundations, an outlier mindset and a powerful community advantage discerned from fifty years of working with legendary companies from idea to IPO and beyond. The value of establishing these principles early compounds over time and can meaningfully bend the arc of a company’s trajectory.”

Sequoia has invested before in Latin American startups like Nubank and Fintual, and this program further confirms the firm’s interest in the region.

Learn more on Sequoia’s website:

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