Fintual raises $39M for investment platform

Fintual, a Chilean fintech, raised a $39M funding round led by Sequoia Capital.

Fintual is an asset management and investments startup encouraging young professionals to make smart choices with their income and savings. The online platform offers customers a range of investment options, from shares to trade exchange.

The startup currently manages assets for more than 70,000 clients at an estimated $665M. In July this year, the company raised a $15M funding round led by Kaszek Ventures, and Sequoia reached out shortly after to express interest in entering the company.

The new funding will go towards expansion in Mexico.

“Chile is currently our main market, but our plan is for Mexico to become the main market within the next one to two years,” said Pedro Pineda, founder and CEO.

Fintual also plans to launch a new “group investments” platform allowing clients to pool savings for a common goal, such as a group vacation or project.

Read more on Bloomberg.

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