SiloReal raises $1.5M

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Agtech startup SiloReal, formerly known as Identity on Field, raised $1.5M. SiloReal provides real-time remote monitoring and security of silo bags as well as access to credit, helping agricultural producers better manage their produce stored in silo bags. 

Silo bags are flexible, large plastic bags used for the temporary storage of bulk agricultural products, particularly during the harvest when traditional silos may be full.

“With record harvests and a lack of storage silos, farmers resort to storing their grains in silo bags outdoors, without knowing their condition or location,” said Delfín Uranga, CEO and co-founder of SiloReal.

SiloReal helps solve this problem by identifying and condition testing silo bags, stock management, and goods registration. 

The company was co-founded in 2021 by Delfín Uranga, José Domínguez and Martín Saubidet and today has more than 50 clients, 221 facilities, and monitors over 1M tons of grains in Brazil and Argentina. 

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