SINAI Technologies and Future Carbon Group partner to reduce climate change’s impact in Brazilian companies


SINAI Technologies and Future Carbon Group are announcing a partnership that will change how Brazilian companies work to reduce climate change’s impact. 

SINAI’s Decarbonization Intelligence platform enables companies to make informed decisions faster and meet the needs of each project. Through this partnership, high-emission companies will receive robust and full-service climate consultancy to help them meet ambitious decarbonization goals.  

This partnership builds on SINAI’s collaboration with leading global agricultural companies based in Brazil. From seed, soy, poultry processing, production, trading, logistics, and distribution, Brazil’s agriculture leaders, Bayer, BRF, AMAGGI, Rumo, and Raízen are able to accurately measure, analyze, price and reduce emissions throughout the entire agricultural supply chain. 

Through this collaboration, the companies reinforce commitments to the global agenda, understanding that engagement is essential to reach decarbonization. This is the first time – in any industry – for a collaborative initiative with the shared goal of identifying decarbonization opportunities throughout all supply chain operations. While this first partnership focuses on the agriculture industry, the goal is to accelerate the deployment of low carbon solutions across any and all supply chains.

These companies will connect emissions from seed processing to agricultural production, trading, logistics, feed and food production and operation, and finally distribution from Brazil to global markets using SINAI Technologies’ decarbonization platform. From a consumer perspective, this yields the potential to see carbon-neutral food products available at your local supermarket.

“It is pivotal that we continue to find moments to collaborate across global supply chains and enable cross-industry collaboration. Initiatives like this, and the Carbon Transparency Partnership from the WBCSD and the RMI, add substantial value to global adoption and collaboration, and set the tone for others to follow,” said Maria Fujihara, CEO & Founder, SINAI Technologies.

Over the past six months, SINAI has already compiled significant data using its decarbonization platform that demonstrates the ability to increase the accuracy of emissions measurements and the ability to reduce, mitigate or offset emissions from the agricultural sector.

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