Sixteen Latin American startups participated in Y Combinator’s 2019 Summer Batch

LatAm List – Last year, we reported on the six Latin American companies that presented at Y Combinator Demo Day during their 2018 Summer Batch. For this 2019 Summer Batch, that number nearly tripled to sixteen Latin American companies from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela. These early-stage startups range from fintech to proptech and health care and show a growing trend in Latin American startup investment from Silicon Valley.

Covela Seguros (Mexico): Founded in 2017, Covela is a digital insurance broker for Latin American SMEs.

Alana Jobs (Colombia): Alana is is a jobs marketplace for hotels, stores, and restaurants in Latin America, seeking to reduce turnover and speed up the hiring process.

LAIKA (Colombia): Laika is Latin America’s top omnichannel one-stop-shop for pet goods.

Valiu (Colombia): Valiu is a simple and transparent update to the global remittance market, making it easy for family members to send money abroad.

Apurata (Peru): Founded in 2016, Apurata uses proprietary technology to provide better credit to Latin America’s 200M underbanked people.

Mudafy (Mexico): Mudafy is a tech-enabled real estate broker for LatAm, founded in November 2018.

Kuarti (Mexico): Kuarti is builing the OYO for Latin America, creating a low-cost, standardized hotel chain using technology to cater to the region’s growing middle class.

InEvent (Brazil): InEvent is an end-to-end event management platform that manages everything from invitations to budgets to guest engagement.

Vitau (Mexico): Vitau is a mail-order subscription pharmacy for chronically-ill patients.

Tranqui Finanzas (Colombia): Tranqui is a digital financial advisor that combines technology with financial planning to help people make better financial decisions.

Flux QR (Mexico): Flux is a QR-code reader that allows QR payments at regular card readers.

MiPos (Ecuador):  MiPos is a digitalized POS system that manages inventory, billing, and processes to eliminate manual budget management.

Coco Mercado (Venezuela): Coco allows Venezuelans living worldwide to send food to their families back home in less than 24 hours.

Zippi (Brazil): Zippi provides financial services such as digital loans to Latin America’s growing economy of gig workers.

Epic Aerospace (Connected to LatAm): Epic Aerospace is manufacturing low-cost “space tugs” to help pull satellites into geostationary orbit for less than half the cost of the competition.

Treble.AI (Colombia): Treble is a customer service tool that allows companies to chat with thousands of customers via Whatsapp and SMS without hiring a call center.

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