Skydrop raises US$4.5M after finishing Y Combinator

LatAm List – A few weeks ago, we reported on the six Latin American startups that presented at Y Combinator Demo Day, representing Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Mexico’s last-mile delivery startup, Skydrop, has now gone one step further to raise US$4.5M from investors in the US before returning to their headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico.

Skydrop aims to bring “Amazon-level logistics” to companies of all sizes in Latin America by connecting businesses with shipping providers through their software. The recent round brings Skydrop’s total funding to US$6.5M from investors FJ Labs, Soma Capital, Sinai VC, Y Combinator, Variv Capital, Justin Mateen, Brad Flora, and Dynamo VC.

Founder Jose Zambrano wrote a Medium article to express his thoughts on the round:

“This is not a milestone/batch or goal. It’s means to an end. [We] Will continue to focus on creating value for our clients, employees, investors & will make damn sure to do our part to put the LATAM startup ecosystem up high where it belongs.
The first time I raised money in Silicon Valley was in 2013, and it was a whole different game. It was hard as fuck because you had to educate on the LATAM market.
Five years later we have countless founders/investors/companies/accelerators/ to thank for building trust and proving the LATAM market’s worth.
They opened the doors for all of us. Let’s not ruin it.”

Read more in Jose Zambrano’s article on Medium.


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