Sling Hub raises $895K for AI initiatives in Latin America.

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Sling Hub, a data solutions provider in Latin America, has secured $895,000 in a seed round. Silvio Genesini, former president of Oracle do Brasil, led the funding, with Urca Angels also participating.

The rising interest in AI has prompted many companies to enter the market. Sling Hub aims to classify and monitor technology, providing clarity by distinguishing genuine AI capabilities from mere claims. 

“With many companies associating with AI, it’s essential to offer a clear perspective on the LatAm tech market,” said Maria Miranda, COO of Sling Hub.

Founded in 2018 Sling Hub’s initial focus was helping startups connect with investors. However, in 2020, the company pivoted to serve larger corporations seeking collaborations with startups. João Ventura, CEO of Sling Hub, highlighted the company’s evolving approach to data collection within the innovation ecosystem.

Today, Sling Hub’s platform caters to diverse clients, from tech companies to banks and other industries. The company has data on 32,000 startups from 21 Latin American countries and collects an average of 300,000 new data points monthly.


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