Smart Money Ventures invests $259K in Produttivo

LatAm ListSmart Money Ventures, invested $259K (R$1M) in Produttivo, a startup from Curitiba that specializes in software that increases productivity and reduces the cost of field and office activities for companies. The investment fund was founded by Fábio Póvoa, creator of Movile and iFood, and Cesar Bertini, founder of MC1 Technologies.

This investment will allow Produttivo to consolidate itself as the main Brazilian player in field team automation and to reach one thousand clients by 2020, five times its current clientbase.

“Running maintenance, surveys,  audits, monitors, inspections, technical reports and work orders efficiently and inexpensively is still a challenge for most [companies],” said Victor Serta, co-founder and CEO of Produttivo, about how he discovered the opportunity in this niche market.

According to Serta, 95% of service companies have never used technology to improve their field service management areas.

“The field services sector was one of the first to take advantage of technology. But most companies, especially SMEs, still have all their records, maintenance and inspection reports on paper or Excel spreadsheets,” added Póvoa.

Although Produttivo mainly serves SMEs, its software is also being used by big companies like Siemens, Nextel, Burger King and Algar Telecom.

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