Social investment app AleFi nabs $600k to bring transparency to investments


Miami-based wealthech AleFi raised $600,000 led by RevTech Labs and CEO Investors, with participation of angel investors from companies like Visa, XP Inc, Lloyds Bank, IBM, Lucid, Carvana, Vshred, IDMworks.

AleFi is a new investment app that showcases investment strategies from verified investors. The platform promises to better serve retail traders and provide social investing. AleFi integrates brokers in the United States and Latin America, both for stocks and cryptocurrencies.

“On the platform users can connect with other investors, view investments, profitability and portfolio composition of other users”,

Daniel Brener, AleFi’s CEO in conversation with Forbes Ecuador.

The social investment app aims to provide its users with a way to follow credible investors and view their portfolios. AleFi’s service will charge customers $5 a month to gain an insight into the trading portfolios of successful investors. The fees are split 20/80 between the company and the investor.

AleFi was born last year in Miami, led by cofounders: Brazilian Daniel Brener, the CEO, and Salvadoran Mike Roberts, the COO. The wealthtech expects to have 100,000 users in its first 12 months; it will also participate in a second round of investment in which it expects to raise $3 million to expand the startup.

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