Socialab partners with Ruta N and Comfama to support entrepreneurship in Medellin

Socialab is a Chilean innovation platform that brings together creative “changemakers” to solve global problems. With offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, and Guatemala, and over 600,000 creatives from 96 countries involved in their projects, Socialab is a powerful force for creative innovation in Latin America.

As announced on PulsoSocial, Socialab has recently partnered with Ruta N, Medellin’s government-funded accelerator, and Comfama, a Colombian development organization overseen by the government, to support and boost cultural entrepreneurship in Medellin. This project seeks to bring together creative entrepreneurs and their businesses and provide support for projects that have social impact.

Socialab has invested COP$200M (US$70K) into the initiative to bring multiple creatives to Medellin to support two different projects that will be created in partnership with Ruta N: Projects to Businesses (Proyectos a Negocios) and Businesses for the World (Negocios para el Mundo). These projects help creatives develop a viable business model for their work, or expand the impact of their businesses.

Socialab’s Director of Operations, Lina Arango, stated:

“Socialab will work on 92 projects based on methodologies designed specifically for this initiative, and will bring in a team of mentors with diverse experiences in the creative and cultural sectors.”

Socialab will run 6-8 weeks programs for early-stage creative entrepreneurs to support Ruta N’s mission to increase entrepreneurship in Medellin and Colombia.

Read more in the original article for PulsoSocial.

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