SoftBank’s largest deals in Latin America are still to come

LatAm List SoftBank recently confirmed its intentions to continue with its multibillion-dollar investment in the Latin American startup ecosystem. 

Since the launch of the $5B SoftBank Innovation Fund in March 2019, the firm has invested in 19 companies in Latin America and has played a key role in creating some of the region’s most recent unicorns. They have already invested between $1.5B – 2.5B into the region this year.

The firm’s most notable investments include a $1B investment in Colombia’s Rappi, a $100M contribution to Mexico’s Clip, and a $200M  investment in Brazil’s Creditas. SoftBank also propelled Brazil’s Loggi to unicorn status with a $150M investment in June.

“We haven’t made the largest transactions we have in mind yet,” commented Andre Maciel, SoftBank Group International’s Managing Partner.

SoftBank is reportedly planning on making fewer investments in the new year, but with larger ticket sizes. 

Read more on Bloomberg.

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