SPOT Metrics acquires Action and Guru CRM for $9.5M

SPOT Metrics, a data intelligence CRM startup focused on retail, has acquired Action and Guru CRM for a total investment of $9.5M. Guru

CRM offers team management solutions, database integration, and omnichannel sales focus. Action provides a consumer relationship automation platform featuring humanized after-sales service and intelligent customer selection.

The acquisition of the two companies aligns with SPOT Metrics’ plan to strengthen its market presence and enhance its offerings. Guru CRM will integrate with SPOT Metrics to expand retail data coverage for larger retailers. The integration of Guru CRM’s platform will provide SPOT Metrics’ shopping center clients with a GDPR-compliant CRM solution that serves as a conversion channel for retailers. The acquisition will help SPOT Metrics achieve its revenue target of $15.8M in the retail market by 2024.

SPOT Metrics has over 60,000 domestic stores, nearly 20,000 global stores, and a clientele of over 55 million identified customers across 150 brands. The startup is open to exploring potential acquisitions to expand further into Latin America.

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