Start-Up Chile opens applications for Seed G21 program

The application process for Start-Up Chile’s Generation 21 Seed program is now open until September 4th, 2018. For those who have not heard of the program, Start-Up Chile provides entrepreneurs with a US$40K (CLP$25M) equity free grant, as well as workspace and an acceleration program, in order to grow their businesses in Chile. In order to apply, startups must be less than three years old, the founders must be 100% dedicated to the project, and the product must already be validated.

The acceleration program lasts seven months, during which time entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to work with mentors and startups from over 83 countries. Start-Up Chile’s Seed program also offers startups an opportunity for follow-on financing of up to US$40K at the end of the program for the most promising startups from the generation.

Start-Up Chile is Latin America’s most prestigious acceleration program, and the fourth best accelerator in the world. It was founded by Chile’s development organization, CORFO, in 2010 to create entrepreneurial spirit and drive innovation in the country.

Click here to find out how to apply or learn more in the Start-Up Chile FAQs.

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