Strike raises $5.4M to make cybersecurity testings more accessible for LatAm companies


The cybersecurity startup Strike raised $5.4M in a seed round led by Magma Partners, Greyhound Capital, FJ Labs, Canary, NXTP, VentureFriends, Latitud, and Orok Ventures

This seed round will allow the company to strengthen its presence in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia, and explore an expansion to the US and Europe. The startup is also looking forward to expanding its network of ethical hackers.

Some angel investors that participated in the round were Pieter-Jan Vandepitte, Chief Operating Officer of DeliveryHero; Sergej Epp, Chief Information Security Officer of Palo Alto Networks; Sergio Fogel, Co-Founder of dLocal; among others.

Strike is a platform that applies perpetual penetration testing as a means to elevate the cybersecurity level of companies. They also offer companies reports on their vulnerabilities in real-time. The startup combines automation and specialized ethical hackers to do so. 

Companies normally perform penetration testing 1 or 2 times a year, as it is a slow and very expensive process. As Santiago Rosenblatt, founder and CEO of Strike explains,

 “In the current context, where the use of digital tools has increased in all areas of our lives, security needs require a different approach, so we created a solution that allows this type of testing to be carried out consistently. Thanks to it, companies can now detect and resolve critical vulnerabilities at a much lower cost and in less time,” he said.

The company is currently working with some of the most relevant fintechs in Latin America and with companies in Silicon Valley. They are now looking forward to entering into companies in the healthtech, quick-commerce, and insurtech industries.

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