SVB Financial Group closes $30M Latin American Fund with Partners for Growth and IDB

LatamListSVB Financial Group recently announced the close of the Latin America Growth Lending Fund– a $30M venture and growth debt fund with Partners for Growth and IDB Invest

The fund seeks to boost innovation by providing capital to help emerging companies across Latin America and the Caribbean. It will provide structured debt to later-stage companies in sectors such as software, technology, life sciences, healthcare, and fintech, among others.

Earlier this year, LAVCA’s annual report revealed that venture funding in Latin America reached $4.6B in 2019, more than double the $1.9B in 2018. The leading sectors by dollars invested include fintech, logistics and distribution, proptech, and marketplaces.

“The innovation sector in Latin America has experienced incredible growth and venture capital interest in recent years,” said John China, president of SVB Capital. “We’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the leading entrepreneurs and companies in the region and can attest to the vibrancy and strength of the innovation industry. We are excited to collaborate on this fund with Partners for Growth and IDB Invest to support high-growth Latin American and Caribbean companies.”

Read more on SVB’s webiste.

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