Tapi and Utoppia unite to simplify cross-border payments in Latin America

Tapi, an Argentina-based fintech, has partnered with Utoppia, a NeoBank, to simplify cross-border payments across Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile. This collaboration allows Utoppia users to make service payments in US dollars directly from their accounts.

The partnership helps digital nomads and remote workers manage their finances, eliminating the need for currency conversion or local bank transfers. It also caters to those who frequently move across borders, offering a seamless financial experience regardless of their location.

“Our alliance with Utoppia simplifies cross-border financial transactions, making it easier for users to manage their payments in Latin America,” said a spokesperson from Tapi.

This integration streamlines operations for Utoppia users, enabling them to pay for utilities, education, healthcare, and credit cards in their home countries. The initiative offers a more integrated and efficient financial service for the globally mobile workforce in Latin America.

Read more at latamfintech.co

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