The Edtech Talently raises $3M to continue upskilling tech talent in Latin America

CTO Cristian Vega, COO Roxana Kern, CEO Doménica Obando

The edtech Talently announced it closed a $3M seed round where 500 Startups Latam, Alaya Capital, Salkantay Ventures, Newtype Ventures, Potencia Ventures, Latin Leap and others participated. This is the largest seed round in Spanish-speaking countries for an education technology company. 

Talently is a startup that trains tech talent and connects it to international companies through an employment marketplace.  Since the pandemic began, the company grew 50X and maintains a 30% monthly growth.

The platform works with software developers and provides them with tools to access job positions. In particular, Talently trains them on employability skills such as personal branding and job interview management. Other areas are technical English and strengthening of technological skills. 

The platform makes an assessment of each profile so that the training is personalized according to the student’s needs. Talently’s marketplace also helps them access job opportunities in some of the most relevant technology companies and startups globally, such as Pinterest, Nubank, Mercado Libre, and Paypal, among others.

“Latin America has the opportunity to become a technology powerhouse as India did 30 years ago. To achieve this, we have two main allies: Latin American talent, which has great technical skills but is not prepared to access international opportunities; and Latin American startups, which are the engine of growth and development for the region. We help them to access talent that allows them to continue their growth, accelerate their consolidation and leadership, and thus, provide prosperity to Latin America”, says Domenica Obando, CEO of Talently.

Milena Bursztyn, investor at Newtype Ventures, also points out how the edtech Talently is solving one of the major issues worldwide regarding tech talent:

“The shortage of tech talent is global, and growing every day. Latin America produces some of the best developers in the world. Talently brings Latin American talent to the rest of the world by building a platform that helps developers improve their skills and advance professionally. At Newtype, we are excited to support Talently in its mission to develop and deliver the Latin American tech talent that makes the world’s software.” 

With this new funding, Talently will launch a “smart match” platform where companies will streamline and reduce their recruiting process by up to 50%. The startup’s value proposition is that companies will be able to hire an employee in less than 10 days. This new platform will begin operations in Mexico and the US. Also, this seed round will enable Talently to consolidate its operations in Mexico, Peru, and Colombia and strengthen its position in Argentina.

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