The Green Coffee Company raises $25M Series C round

The Green Coffee Company

The Green Coffee Company raised a $25M Series C round led by Legacy Group

With the funds, the company will expand its coffee-growing operations in Colombia, strengthen coffee roasting operations in the US, and launch a line of coffee byproducts.

“There is a massive opportunity in the coffee industry to grow a business in an international manner from Colombia, no competitor has the proper combination of human capital and economic capital, while there is a lack of large investors in the sector” said GCC’s cofounder Cole Shephard

The Green Coffee Company operates in Colombia and the US, implementing technology to be more efficient than traditional coffee processors. 

The company aims to become the world’s largest producer of arabica coffee in the next two years. It has 9,000 planted acres across 39 farms and 1.5 M coffee trees under ownership.

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