TideWise secures $1.9M investment to drive autonomous naval technology in Brazil


Brazilian maritime tech company, TideWise, raised a $1.9M round led by MSW Capital through the MSW MultiCorp2 fund.

TideWise invested $5.9M in research and development, resulting in the creation of Brazil’s first registered unmanned vessel, the USV Tupan, which has provided services to prominent companies in Brazil and abroad.

TideWise stands out as the leading Brazilian technology company in the development, integration, and operation of intelligent autonomous systems  for the naval industry, covering river, port, and maritime needs

Rafael Coelho, co-founder and CEO of TideWise, emphasized, “Our mission is to reduce environmental impact and enhance efficiency in unmanned maritime operations. With our proprietary technology and a 100% Brazilian workforce, we have the potential to further drive the offshore market”.

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