Ualá seals partnership with Banco Industrial to offer top-ups via bank transfer

LatAm List – Argentina’s fastest growing neobank, Ualá, has just announced a new partnership with Banco Industrial (BIND) to allow customers to add credit to their prepaid mobile cards via bank transfer. The transfer can be processed in under an hour, from 9 am to 9 pm, 365 days a year.

The project integrates BIND’s APIs into Ualá’s platform to increase usability and convenience for cardholders. Ualá provides free, no-fee mobile credit cards to unbanked users across Argentina, a country where banks are more hated than dentists.

“Since we launched, we have worked to accelerate the speed of top-ups and the possible uses for Ualá to improve user experience. With this launch, we are helping optimize the use of the card and making sure users see their money available on the platform much more quickly. We love listening to what our community wants and innovating with each new launch,” said Ualá founder, Pierpaolo Barbieri.


Read more in iProfessional.

Nathan Lustig’s interview with Pierpaolo Barbieri.

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