UberEats to discontinue operations in Argentina and Colombia

LatamListUberEats announced that it will no longer operate in Argentina and Colombia as of November 22. The announcement came as part of the company’s global reorganization strategy.

The food delivery company has been undergoing major reform throughout 2020 across the globe, leaving many major markets. This includes several countries in Latin America, such as Uruguay, Honduras, and Peru in May.

The aim is to put greater focus on the countries where UberEats is the biggest player. For Latin America, this is Brazil, Mexico, and Chile.

“We have taken the decision to discontinue UberEats in Argentina and Colombia. This will enable us to focus our resources and energy on other markets around the globe. The decision applies only to UberEats, and will not affect Uber transport services. We remain completely committed to our investments in both companies, offering customers a safe, accessible, and trustworthy transport solution,” said Dara Khosrowshaki, CEO of Uber.

The exit of UberEats from the Colombian and Argentine markets will open up space for competitors such as PedidosYa and Rappi, the Colombian unicorn.

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