Urbvan join forces with Jüsto to help citizens stay at home during COVID-19

Small business owner at an open street market, handing out a fruit to a consumer carrying a shopping paper bag with a 100% organic certified label full of fruit and vegetables.

LatAm List – Food delivery and mobility startups are joining forces across Latin America to help tackle COVID-19 and supply citizens with groceries in the safety of their homes.

Urbvan, a Mexican transportation startup, partnered Jüsto, an online supermarket, to help the company with food deliveries. Jüsto has experienced a 300% increase in demand due to quarantine restrictions.

“As one of the first contributions to the sector, we have started a collaborative project with Jüsto, the first supermarket without stores that functions solely with home delivery, as a direct action to encourage Mexico City citizens to stay at home,” the company announced.

In Chile, the Ministry of Transport also launched an initiative to connect taxi drivers to Rappi and Cornershop to aid with food delivery. Around 2,000 drivers are now delivering for the two startups which have seen a significant increase in demand in the past weeks.

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