Vale do Pinhão Innovation Fund to sponsor startups in Brazil

LatAm List – A new government Innovation Fund, titled Inova VP, will sponsor startups in the Vale do Pinhão innovation center in Curitiba, Brazil as of 2020. 

Startups in Curitiba and the Pinhão Valley of Brazil will receive up to R$10M (US$2.4M) to aid innovation projects and scientific and technological research. The funding comes as a result of a new law passed by Curitiba Mayor, Rafael Greca, and will be managed by the Curitiba Development Agency.

“We aim to turn Curitiba into an international presence among the most well-known intelligent cities,” confirmed Greca.

The initial R$10M will support local entrepreneurs, attract more business, and foster the city’s startup ecosystem. Greca added that the Inova VP is “a fundamental instrument to enable the strengthening of research and innovation in Curitiba, enhancing the ecosystem of the capital.”

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