Wekall acquires Sirenna AI

Colombian startup WeKall, a cloud call center for businesses, acquired Mexican startup Sirenna AI, which monitors, analyses, and summarizes video and phone calls with AI. 

With this acquisition, WeKall strengthens its presence in Mexico and diversifies its offerings by adding transcription services and analysis of calls.

“With Sirenna AI’s technology, we can analyze over 20,000 calls. By leveraging data, we can then help our clients to better train & coach their sales or customer success team conversations based on the analysis of the conversation. This positions WeKall as a revenue intelligence company.” explained Felipe Sánchez, CEO and co-founder of WeKall.

Sirenna AI was co-founded by Gabriela Morales and Juan Sebastián Correa, who will take the role of Mexico’s Country Manager and Director of Engineering at Wekall, respectively. 

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