Wimet: the first Latam subscription service for public workspaces

LatamListWimet, an Argentine startup, is redefining how companies work in the post-covid era. The online platform is the first in Latin America to create a subscription system for accessing and booking public workspaces. 

Wimet is an online platform that helps companies to book, organize, and publicize meetings, events, and more. With the Wimet app, companies and individuals can decide a day, time, and location, to work in a public space. 

During lockdown, many companies realized that a fixed work office was not necessary for their employees. Wimet is providing another alternative to offices with its public space booking system for employees. 

“We saw an opportunity to facilitate access to spaces for remote work, with the flexibility that each individual person, team, or company needs,” said Federico Bianchi, CEO and founder of Wimet.

The subscription is free, and has a wide range of spaces available for booking, such as hotels, galleries, and studios. The system also ensures social distancing and personal safety of employees as the self-isolation rules are lifting in the country.

“At Wimet we are ready, when the isolation rules allow, to help professionals find the perfect place to work and meet in an easy, flexible, and convenient way,” continued Bianchi.

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