Y Combinator-backed SaaS startup VOIQ raises $5M from Leap Global Partners

LatAm ListVOIQ is a SaaS platform that provides conversational AI voicebots for sales, marketing, and service calls. The Y Combinator and Silicon-Valley backed startup recently raised $5M from Leap Global Partners. 10XCapital, Brian Finn, Tom Chavez, and David Shreni also participated in this round.

“VOIQ is solving a problem that so many people believed unsolvable. Bringing human-like conversational VoiceBots to automate business calls is a game-changer for high-growth companies looking for that edge over the competition, and no startup is better positioned to deliver than VOIQ,” said Roman Leal Managing Partner at Leap Global Partners.

VOIQ currently partners with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM, who are investing in the development of VOIQ’s AI technology. The startup launched its platform in February 2019 with over 700 companies as customers.

This investment will be used to integrate with strategic CRMs and sales automation platforms that will allow VOIQ to expand its services to 500K users.

The startup’s CEO and founder Ricardo Garcia-Amaya, said that their recent success is “a clear indicator that this space is about to experience hyper-growth. While industry experts predicted that AI Voice for business use would take several more years to mature, a wide range of solutions such as Amazon Alexa for Business are already emerging at a fast pace.”

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