YC-graduate UBits lands in Peru


LatAm ListUBits, an online corporate training platform born in Colombia, recently announced that they would expand into the Peruvian market after receiving US$2M from Spectrum 28 in October 2018. UBits was one of several Latin American startups to participate in Y Combinator in mid-2018, joining other Colombian YC-grads like Rappi, Platzi, and Hogaru.

The platform currently offers over 100 Spanish-language courses to aid in job training, teaching everything from customer service to sales. Chief Revenue Officer, Sebastián Cualla, predicts strong growth for 2019:

“We plan to launch 40 new courses a month, reaching 500 total by the end of 2019; we always keep in mind that online teaching takes around 40-60% less time than in-person courses.”

UBits currently has over 70 corporate clients in Latin America, including Terpel and BNP Paribas, and serves 50,000 students. Companies pay a fee to subscribe to the platform and in return receive access to unlimited courses for their employees.

“Perú is a market that is emerging as center of innovation in the region. We are excited about the opportunity to work with companies that want to improve their job training processes with new digital tools,” said UBits co-founder, Marta Forero.

UBits is currently expanding in Colombia, Mexico, and Peru to share their programs with more companies across the region.

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