Zenvia acquires startup Sirena to expand across Latin America

LatamListZenvia, a mobile services company in Brazil, recently acquired Sirena, a startup that offers communication solutions for sales teams via WhatsApp. With the acquisition, Zenvia will expand operations across Latin America with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the US.

“The acquisition of Sirena strengthens our communication platform by transforming it into a solution for a common problem in the entire sales team, which is the use of the seller’s personal WhatsApp to communicate with customers,” said Cassio Bobsin, CEO of Zenvia, which offers solutions based on WhatsApp, voice, chat, chatbot, and SMS. 

According to founders, Sirena was created with the goal of simplifying communication between companies and customers via Whatsapp and became the leading company in the region in terms of the number of companies served with their solution. 

“Now is the time to take an even bigger step, combining Sirena’s expertise in the Latam market with Zenvia’s international expansion, allowing customers to have the best WhatsApp Business API service in the market,” said Miguel Morkin and Lautaro Schiaffino, CEO and COO of Sirena, respectively. 

The acquisition brings 55 people on to the Zenvia team, totaling more than 350 employees spread across Argentina, Brazil, US, and Mexico.

It also increases the company’s customer portfolio, which exceeds 8,000 small, medium, and large companies served, adding approximately 700 customers globally.

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