Zubale secures $25M to expand retailer e-commerce tools

Sebastián Monroy - CEO y cofundador - Zubale

Zubale, the retailer e-commerce tools platform, secured a $25M investment led by QED Investors, backed by NFXKevin Efrusy, and other investors.

According to Sebastián Monroy, co-founder and CEO, the money will help them to strengthen the company’s presence in Mexico and Brazil, enhance their portfolio, and boost e-commerce productivity.

The company offers three products: FlexiFleet, a freelancers marketplace; Fulfillment Optimizer, an end-to-end software to enhance e-commerce operation productivity; and Consumer Connect, a modular software for customer interaction throughout the online shopping experience. 

Since closing a $40M Series A funding round in 2022, Zubale has tripled its annual net revenue.

Zubale began operations in Mexico in 2019 and expanded to six Latin American countries, serving over 115 clients, including major retailers such as CarrefourWalmartCencosud, and Chedraui. It boasts a platform with over 100,000 freelancers completing over 30 million tasks. 

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