10 Top Stats from LAVCA’s Inaugural Startup Survey

LatAm List – Today, LAVCA and Facebook released their first survey of Latin American startups, reviewing a sample of 227 startups from across the region. These companies ranged from early-stage bootstrapped companies to tech unicorns, including startups like Movile, NotCo, Skydrop, Ualá, and iFood.

Here are ten of the top stats we pulled from their report:

  1. 80% of Latin American startup founders have studied, lived, or worked abroad.
  2. 75.6% of early-stage startups are incorporated in Latin America. Just 37.1% of later-stage companies are incorporated in their home country.
  3. 46% of startups who responded use a B2B model.
  4. Fintech startups received $695M in investment in 2018, more than any other industry.
  5. 59% of respondents measure at least one impact indicator, often job creation and financial inclusion.
  6. The 227 respondents have created more than 25,000 current full-time jobs, and 4 out of 5 of these positions are in Latin America.
  7. 90% of Brazilian startups have their tech teams in Brazil (the highest percentage of all respondent countries).
  8. Over 60% of startups received funding from local investors and/or angels.
  9. 82% of startup respondents offer stock options for employees.
  10. 29% of respondents have achieved gender parity in their workforce (+50% female full-time employees).


Read more about the results of the survey here.

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