Brazil’s Nama raises R$2.5M through equity crowdfunding

LatAm ListNama, a Brazilian startup that specializes in artificial intelligence-driven communications for large companies, raised R$2.5M (US$593K) through the crowdfunding platform EqSeed.

Nama is an online platform that provides companies with an AI-powered assistant, or ‘chatbot’, that speaks to clients, as well as providing insights into customer experiences and other related services. 

Nama raised the capital through the equity crowdfunding model EqSeed, an investment platform that connects startups to investors for funding rounds of up to R$5M (~US$1M). 

“When a startup goes after capital, speed is one of the main factors,” explains Rodrigo Scotti, Nama’s CEO and founder. 

Through EqSeed, the startup was able to raise R$2.5Min a matter of days, which is a significant advantage for an early-stage company like Nama.

The funding will enable the company to expand its team and to develop new product models for its customers’ developers.

“We want to give autonomy to the client’s development of ‘chatbots’. With these new product models, clients can further customize their products,” Scotti adds.

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