Abstra raises $2.3M for app design tool

Abstra, a Brazilian programming and design app, raised a $2.3M funding round led by SoftBank Latin America Fund

Bruno Vieira Costa founded Abstra in March 2020 following the success of his first startup, an edtech, PaperX

Abstra aims to help people make apps without the use of coding. The technology is specifically aimed at companies wanting to deliver fast results or for non-technical departments that need a simpler solution instead of coding.

Whereas often no-code tools require additional work for designers, Abstra provides a simple and flexible mechanism for all customers.

“We allow easy-to-use customisation without the UI limitations that no-code tools commonly have,” said Costa.

Since its launch, the startup has secured 11 major companies including Accenture, Stone, and Descomplica. Abstra also recently graduated from the Y Combinator Spring 2021 program.

Abstra plans to use the new funding to add new hires and grow the company, specifically across the engineering, marketing, sales, and operations teams.

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