After just one month in Chile, WeWork looks to open 7 new locations by 2019

WeWork launched its first Santiago location in early September with massive fanfare, and has already achieved 95% occupancy for its first Las Condes location. Founded just eight years ago, WeWork has quickly become the seventh-most valuable startup in the world, coming in close behind Airbnb and SpaceX.

WeWork has rapidly expanded throughout Latin America, sweeping through Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Peru before reaching Chile this year. The three-story space in Santiago has over 500 members and WeWork seeks to reach 2000 members by the end of 2018. They are already planning to open a second Santiago space in Las Condes in December, with space for 1,200 new members.

“In all the Latin American cities where we work, we have been received extremely warmly. We are very pleased with the way WeWork has been able to connect with local entrepreneurial communities, business people, creatives, and even large corporations,” said Eduardo Molina, WeWork’s director of Latin American expansion.

WeWork is looking to expand aggressively in Chile, with a goal of 8000 members and 8 physical spaces by the end of 2019. They are even considering creating spaces outside of Chile’s centralized capital city.

“We have realized that the WeWork model works practically everywhere because they way people work is changing. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves; they want to have a space that responds to their professional and personal needs, where they can be creative,” said Molina in an interview for El Mercurio.

Read more in El Mercurio.

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