Amazon to launch Alexa and Echo in Mexico

The Seattle-based e-commerce giant recently revealed that its voice-controlled virtual assistant, Alexa, would soon launch for the Mexican market. While Amazon Alexa-powered smart speakers became available in Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay in December 2017, they did not include localization or Spanish language features.

Amazon clearly hinted at its plans for expansion into other Latin American countries, as it conspicuously did not launch in Mexico, Brazil, or Argentina. To date, Alexa is localized in 11 different countries in six languages, including Spanish from Spain and Mexico.

For now, Amazon has made its Alexa skills kit available to developers in Mexico so they can create their own voice-enabled features for Mexican consumers. Alexa Voice Service, which allows companies to intregrate Alexa into their hardware, is currently available in Mexico under invite only.

Amazon did not disclose when it would launch Alexa for the Mexican market, but they claim the virtual assistant will arrive “later this year.”

Read more in VentureBeat.

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