Angel Ventures acquires Coonector to support corporate-startup relations

Angel Ventures, a Mexican VC firm, announced the acquisition of Coonector, a corporate networking platform.

Coonector is the “startup hunter” for Latin American businesses. The platform works alongside companies to help them resolve internal issues and explore new business models, connecting them to startups that could help optimize their systems.

Companies are increasingly looking to collaborate with startups as they seek to leverage new technologies to enhance their own business models. Connector is working to serve this interest and connect more startups and boost funding, innovation, and collaboration in Latin America.

Through acquiring Coonector, Angel Ventures is aiming to create a new business unit to further support corporate venture capital in the region. The VC will launch a training platform on CVC (Corporate Venture Capital), use Coonector’s network to support their portfolio companies, and access new high potential startups.

The acquisition will also promote further expansion for Coonector across Latin America. The region is recognized as one of the most important entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide, and the focus will be on Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru, where the most progress with corporate initiatives has been seen. 

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