Argentine fintech, Quiena, raises US$750K to automate investment in Latin America

Quiena Investments helps individuals invest in international stock exchanges through an automated platform that compares user preferences to over 50 years of data to make educated investment decisions. Founded in 2016 by economics major Nicolas Galarza, Quiena is the only automated platform in Latin America that allows users to invest 100% online, through a local cash transfer. Previously, these services were only available to the very wealthy.

In March 2018, Quiena Investments raised a US$750K round led by ItalBank International and Alaya Capital Partners, along with Parallel18 Ventures, Incutex, and La Turbina Ventures. They were previously funded by NXTP Labs in Argentina. The funding will allow Quiena to continue to grow and consolidate in Argentina, while looking to expand throughout the region.

The robot that calculates investment decisions is meant to be much more accurate than a human broker, and also much more fair in terms of costs. Quiena charges a monthly fee based on funds invested, but does not charge for purchases and sales (as many brokers do) to prevent conflicts of interest. The platform is secure and registered with the SEC in the United States. After just a year of operations, Quiena’s investment client base is growing at 8% weekly.

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