Astella Investimentos leads $4.7M investment round in Kenoby

LatAm ListKenoby, a Brazillian recruitment and selection platform for businesses, recently raised a $4.7M (R$20M) funding round led by Astella Investimentos.

Kenoby is an HR startup that uses SaaS software to connect managers and recruiters to candidates and facilitate the process of recruitment for business. The platform manages the dissemination of vacancies and aids with candidate selection through an online dashboard, which helps recruiters to easily find the right candidate for their team.

Astella Investimentos is a Brazilian VC fund that focuses on smart technology startups in Brazil such as Bom Pra Credito, a financial software supermarket, and Omiexperience, a CRM and Cloud ERP developer for small companies. 

The funds will be used to develop artificial intelligence software to improve the Kenoby platform, as well as increase the executive team from 100 to 300 people over the next two years.

Kenoby currently serves around 450 customers, including Loggi and McDonalds.

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